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Resistance spot welding machine for seam welding Cemsa MRL 75F–80x650

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Design features

Working mode

The machine has to be loaded manually, after which the operator needs only to support the workpiece during the automatic welding process and after it.  Edge overlapping is provided by a Z-bar guide apparatus; the standard width of the overlap is 3 mm.

Productivity of the machine

The machine is equipped with a motor that has a toothed gear and adjustable speed regulations from 3 to 12 m/min. The necessary speed is set up depending on the quality of material, type of surface, thickness etc.

Minimum Ø of the welded pipe, mm 80
Maximum Ø of the welded pipe, mm 900
Maximum length of the welded pipe, mm 650
Components and options

Basic scope of supply:

  • Especially sturdy frame designed to withstand electromechanical and dynamical loads.
  • A single-phase AC transformer with a capacity of 75 KVA, 400 V, with a water cooling system, power consumption 30 kW
  • Specially designed upper console
  • Lower console
  • System for feeding wire to both upper and lower console; the system consists of a mechanism for cutting off used segments of copper wire and another for cleaning the reels
  • Two automatic wire-tightening systems: one right after the drum and one before the cutting mechanism
  • The necessary pneumatic and electro-pneumatic accessories
  • Z-bar guide apparatus to provide edge overlapping for the welded seam
  • Box of controls: parameters of welding with option to regulate the length of the welded segment; two programs for heating/time regulations to change automatically the welding heat at the beginning and at the end of the pipe
  • Cables and pipes to provide the connection between the box of controls and the machine
  • Protection of the wire-feeding system
  • The main switch-breaker
  • Operational instruction manual
  • CE markings
  • Color: RAL 5021 (sea water)
Delivery conditions
Delivery DDP, Moscow
Time of delivery 1 week
Payment method Payment method: Bank transaction, 90% prior to dispatch, 10% after signing the confirmation of commissioning by Robur International staff; 100 % if other conditions hold
Installation, staff training, and start-up Carried out by a Robur International technician
Warranty and post-warranty maintenance and services Carried out by a Robur International technician
Warranty 12 months
Special conditions
бонусы Bonuses: Ask our managers for more details
скидки Discount: Ask our managers for more details
рассрочка платежа Installment buying: Ask our managers for more details
Terms of acquisition for this equipment are extremely attractive. That’s why machines are freely available only before they’re reserved by paying a deposit for them, which is taken into account when making the settlement. To make a reservation, please contact our managers.
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