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High-tech pneumatic bending rolls IMCAR HT

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Design features
Four-roll bending machine IMCAR HT is able to perform pre-bending and bending in one take. Positioning of rolls is carried out by pneumatic cylinders. The roll rotation is provided by an electric motor that is connected to an epicyclic gear train. Rollers are equipped with an automatic cycle programming device. This model can be supplemented with a vertical support which supports the workpiece thus eliminating the need to intervene the bending process and preventing overlaying of the edges on each other.
Upper roll diameter, mm 96
Lower roll diameter, mm 96
Diameter of side rolls, mm 80
Installed general capacity, kW 1,47
Roll hardness, HRC 60
Rotation speed, m/1’ 10,5
Pre-bending speed, mm/1’ 600
Overall dimensions, mm 2150 x 830 x 1350
Weight. kg 510
Components and options

Basic scope of supply:

  • 2 drive rolls
  • Hardened rolls, hardness 60 HRC
  • Vertical holder H500
  • An independent movable control panel
  • Automatic manufacturing cycle: the initial pre-bending, final bending, and sawing
  • Side roll control by help of a pneumatic cylinder and mechanical grippers
  • Sheet alignment device
  • Automatic opening of the side flap
  • Parallelism of rolls ensured by torsion bars
  • Rotation on self-centering bearings of high durability
  • Thickness regulation in the process of compression
  • Fuse box according the safety standards
  • Safety devices according the safety standards
  • Instruction manual for operation and maintenance of the machine
  • Equipment conformity declaration according CE standards
  • Color: grey Ral 7016-7032.
Delivery conditions
Delivery DDP, Moscow
Time of delivery 5 days after the payment is made
Payment method Bank transaction, 100 % after signing the contract
Installation, staff training, and start-up Carried out by a Robur International technician
Warranty and post-warranty maintenance and services Carried out by a Robur International technician
Warranty 12 months
Special conditions
бонусы Bonuses: Ask our managers for more details
скидки Discount: Ask our managers for more details
рассрочка платежа Installment buying: Ask our managers for more details
Terms of acquisition for this equipment are extremely attractive. That’s why machines are freely available only before they’re reserved by paying a deposit for them, which is taken into account when making the settlement. To make a reservation, please contact our managers.
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