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Surface grinding consumables

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Consumables for surface grinding

Abrasive belts with paper, cloth, polyester, or combined backing with different grain sizes and abrasive materials. Depending on the purpose of application of brushes, they are use with:

1. Abrasive petals for edge rounding.
2. Steel wires to remove the black layer of scale from the cut edge.
3. Reusable FLEX-TRIM brushes that have changeable petals for better economy and significantly greater rate of processed workpieces.


  • Consumables for all types of surface treatment.
  • Most popular consumables always in stock.
  • Selection of consumables according to the type of surface treatment.
  • Fast and reliable process of interaction.
  • Qualified personnel.
  • Well-developed distribution network.
Brushes made by Flex-Trim provide optimal treatment for bare and coated metal. They are used for sanding flat, curved and shaped surfaces of parts and workpieces.
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