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Electric press brakes Salvagnini E3 80/3000

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Maximal bending pressure (blankholder), kN 800
Working length, mm 3060
Distance between racks, mm 2630
Throat, mm 400
Maximal traverse travel, mm 200
Traverse descending speed, mm/s 120
Bending speed, mm/s 0-30
Reverse speed, mm/s 120
Distance between table and traverse, mm 450
General drive power, kW 28
X travel (standard support), mm 600
X speed (standard support), mm/s 670
R travel (standard support), mm 150
R speed (standard support), mm/s 100
Approximate machine mass, kg 12300
Length, mm 4800
Width, mm 1700
Height, mm 3000
Design features

Original SiX CNC from Salvagnini 

Intuitive and fast touch screen programming, a task manager, an interactive online manual and full compatibility with any other equipment from Salvagnini.

Precision and repeatability 

The screw drive combined with the SiX controller achieves top-beam positioning precision on the upper Y axis that exceeds ± 0.002 mm guaranteeing absolute part quality.

Energy consumption

E3, depending on conditions and the application, can save up to 70% of energy as the power consumed by this equipment is proportional to the performance and is not spent during the downtime.

Reliability and durability

The satellite roller screw guarantees superior reliability and durability than ball solutions; a satellite roller screw has idle time up to 3 times higher than a ball screw of the same size since the load is evenly distributed along the entire length of the roller and not just on the balls that occupy the first principles.

Ergo Pack

A cut made in the bottom beam and comfortable adjustable tables allow the operator to work more comfortably and therefore more productively. This option is recommended if manufacturing small parts.


The press brake has a completely closed frame both in its top and bottom what adds strength and stability to the structure and keeps reference stops position constant.
Electromechanical press brakes from Salvagnini have highly dynamic characteristics that reduce the time of bending by 30%.
The part positioning precision is provided by well-thought rigid back gauges. Depending on how it is equipped, the machine can have from 4 to 12 controlled axes (including  Y1 and Y2) that allows handling parts of a complex geometry or arrange several workstations on a single machine.

Unlimited automation

The unit can be integrated in a production line or a flexible bending cell with a robot or a panel bender.

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We will send you our commercial offer
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