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Standard machine tools for surface cleaning and sanding COSTA MD4 CVC 1150

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Deburring +
Grinding surfaces +
Rounding edges +
Surface polishing -
Maximal grinding surface width, mm 1-3
Useful working width, mm 1150
Maximal weight on faceplate, kg 300
Design features

Rigid strengthened machine bed

A frame made of rectangular shaped steel profiles adds to the rigidity of the machine bed.

Double pressure rollers

Pressure devices are designed to keep a workpiece on the conveyor belt. They are located front and back of each working unit; the pressure is independently adjustable for each unit.

Feeding system

The feeding system consists of a rigid feed table, the top plate of which is made of wear-resistant steel and the surface is fully polished for higher precision of process.

Vacuum pressure device

Vacuum allows getting a tighter hold of small and slippery parts when those are on the conveyor belt.

Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt is made of a special oil/heat resistant type of rubber.

Table at the output

The receiving table at the output on rubber coated rollers is located at the rear of the machine.

Air cleaning system

An oscillating system for effective cleaning of the abrasive belt: the system is only activated when a workpiece is processed.

Electromechanical panel

The intuitive control panel is equipped with LED light indicators for signaling errors and emergencies.

Available working units

Cylinder working unit with abrasive belt

The unit is designed for deburring and grinding/polishing surface of the workpiece by means of a fine-grained abrasive belt. It is equipped with a Grit-Set pneumatic system, a revolver type device with six positions for effective compensation of thickness differences that various types of abrasive belts have.

Longitudinal brush working unit

Working unit of Ø 180 mm with manual height adjustment, automatic thickness reading and side-ways oscillation of the brush. Depending on operational needs, there are different brushing working units for sanding with COSTA MD4:

  • Longitudinal steel brushes are used for removing rust from the surface of the workpiece, oxide removal, and metal parts cleaning.
  •  Also, special steel brushing heads are used for deburring and longitudinal undulations on metal surfaces (depending on the grain size and the degree of wear).
  • Brushing working units Scotch Brite ™ for grinding can be used to deburr soft metals (aluminum, copper, etc.) or to finish surfaces (similarly to grinding/polishing) in order to achieve a uniform low roughness surface.

Vertical brushes – XVS working unit

The unit consists of standard vertical sanding brushes rotating at high speed (inverter controlled) and oscillating side-ways at adjustable rate of oscillation. Maneuverability of vertical brushes allows achieving a perfect deburring effect when processing both workpieces with low-quality surface treatment and PVC coated parts. XVS device is used for a series of processing operations treating side surfaces and edges of the workpiece, removing burr and slag from the front facets of the part, and rounding edges. Combination of the vertical rotation of grinding heads with high frequency oscillation ensures high quality finishing with a single working unit. The pressure rollers that are located near the XVS device guarantee the same high quality and efficient processing even for small little parts.

Components and options

Базовая комплектация (в зависимости от выбранной комплектации)

  • Станина машины.
  • Прижимные устройства.
  • Цилиндрический модуль с абразивной лентой.
  • Цилиндр.
  • Продольные щетки.
  • Щётка Scotch Brite™.
  • Вертикальные щетки XVS.
  • Вакуумная установка.
  • Подающий стол.
  • Принимающий стол.
  • Пневматическая установка.
  • Электрическая установка.
  • Электромеханическая панель управления.
  • Руководство по эксплуатации на английском языке.


  • Централизация всех выводящих пылеуловителей в один коллектор для пыли с колпаком.
  • Усиление рамы станка для возможности его перемещения на вилочном погрузчике (форклифте).


Гидродинамический фильтр для удаления грязи, паров и газов путём микроперемешивания обрабатываемого газа с водой. Используется для очистки газов с присутствием искр, алюминиевой пыли или влажной грязи.


Высокоэффективный пылеулавливающий картриджный фильтр с автоочисткой сжатым воздухом.

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