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Horizontal precision turning centers with CNC ATL 370

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Diameter over bed, mm 740
Diameter over carriage, mm 450
Distance between centers, mm 1000 - 6000
Distance between guiding rails, mm 530
Number of guides 2
Maximal grinding surface length, mm 3000
Spindle hole diameter (OPT), mm 105 (130/200)
Power S6/S1 (OPT), kW 33 / 22
Design features


The machine bed has a monolithic structure that is entirely based on the foundation and is completely made of high quality cast iron. The bed is strengthened by a large number of broad ribs in order to ensure higher rigidity of the whole structure. Before machining, the frame is heat-pretreated for strain relief within the structure. The high rigidity and high power of this model provide excellent opportunities for the highest quality turning operations.

CNC systems

CNC lathes from M.S.M. can be equipped with CNC systems and full standard equipment kit from Fagor, Fanuc, Siemens and Heidenhain.


Headstock is made as a ribbed cast monoblock that guarantees rigidity and vibration resistance even in very difficult working conditions when it is worked on heavy-duty cutting mode. All gears and shafts are made of high-quality NiCrMo strengthened, hardened and grinded steel.

Ball screws

X axis ball screw (SHUTON) has been properly grinded and certified, with a pre-tensioned nut. Axial force applied through high-precision ball screws helps to minimize friction, provide high performance and maximum safety. Ball screw performance efficiency reaches up to 98%. The pre-tensioned nut eliminates axial play to increase rigidity and improves the positioning accuracy.


The tailstock is of sufficiently large size and equipped with sleeves made of high-quality NiCr strengthened, hardened and grinded steel. The lathe is equipped with motorized tailstock displacement system to move it along the machine bed.


The spindle is made of high-quality NiCrMo strengthened, hardened and grinded steel. The spindle design includes tapered precision roller bearings NNK with oil lubrication. The structure of spindle base has a three-point system consisting of the front bearing and two thrust bearings (central bearing and rear bearing).


In order to increase the drive power and cutting ability of the lathe, the machine can be equipped with an automatic BARUFFALDI gearbox. The automatic transmission allows increasing the torque at lower speeds. Noise, vibration and heat generation near the spindle line of are under control because the positioning of transmissions is decentralized. Gearbox lubrication is provided by spraying the oil. All gears are made of alloy steel and are properly hardened and grinded.


The massive cast iron carriage is equipped with hardened and grinded sliding guideways. Guideways have been adjusted manually by means of scraping to ensure perfect contact and coated with anti-friction material. Surface cleaning plates are mounted on the carriage what provides perfectly clean slides. A clamping plate (covered with anti-friction material) allows applying the necessary regulations of the movement.

Lubrication system

The machine has an automatic centralized system of forced lubrication. Pauses and working time of the lubrication system is controlled by CNC. System lubricates cross guideways, longitudinal guideways, ball screws, clamps and the tailstock. Lubrication is carried out by using an electric pump. The system is equipped with a suitable metering valve to provide the supply of necessary amount of oil to each gear.
The headstock lubrication is provided by a circulating oil system with an electric pump.

Full enclosure of the work zone

The ergonomics of design is here for maximum operator and machine safety. Operating position of the operator and the ergonomics of the machine are well thought-out in order to facilitate control of the machine, loading and unloading of parts, tool change and provide the most convenient overview and the ability to control the process.

Optional loading/unloading from above

Loading and unloading of workpieces and finished products can be done from above (for example, using an overhead crane or other suitable lifting device) thanks to the sliding door where one can be slid over the headstock and one on the tailstock. Thus, the distance between the centers is completely obstacle free.

Electrical equipment

The entire electrical equipment is placed in the electrical cabinet supplied with cooling fans. All components used in the manufacture of the machine come from leading European manufacturers such as Siemens, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Schneider, etc.

Electrical safety

Electrical safety complies with European standards 2006/42, 2006/95 2004/108 EU. All electrical components are labeled with corresponding reference numerals assigned to them by the concept. The method of labeling ensures permanent marking that keeps throughout the lifetime of the machine. The machine is equipped with protection against short circuits and overload protection for each motor. The machine is equipped with a surge protector to prevent damage to the CNC input/output system.

Safety devices

The machine design and system of controls exclude uncontrolled movement of machinery or other damage due to blackout, fire, earthquake, and other environmental parameters with operational loads taken into account. The machine is equipped with a system of locks to prevent damage to the machine tools and aggregates. The noise level during the operation is less than - 80 dB. The level of dust and moisture protection of electrical equipment, machinery, machine cabinets and mechanisms against dust and moisture - IP54.


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