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Compact horizontal bending machines Euromac DIGIBEND 200

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Max. breaking force, kN 200
Max. travel, mm 195
Max. operating speed, mm/s 9,6
Min. working speed, mm/s 4,8
Reverse speed, mm/s 48
Working table dimensions WxLxH, mm 480 x 1060 x 925
Tool fixing holes 1×Ø80 + 2×Ø50
Oil tank capacity 40
Motor power, kW 2,2
Bending with two jaws – max. diameter, mm 42
Swivel bending – max. diameter, mm 42
Maximal Y-coordinate rapid traverse, m/c2 30x5
Maximal punching capacity 40 kg/mm (steel) 150x6
Approximate mass, kg 340
Design features

European quality of machine build and components provide high-precision performance and reliability:

  • The monolithic frame made of Meehanite (700 N/mm²) alloy of high hardness ensures the long life of the machine when operating with high loads.
  • The cylinder housing is integrated with the machine bed.
  • The horizontal position of the hydraulic cylinder provides a direct transmission of force to the tool, avoiding control knobs.
  • The option to reduce the operating force is meant to prevent the destruction of small tools or soft materials.
  • All working surfaces have been hardened and ground.
  • The work table is fitted with a wear-resistant surface.

The working table of universal design allows installing of various types of tooling to perform specific operations. Plus, the equipment necessary for this you can make on your own.

  • A wide tabletop with 6 slots for tooling.
  • Tools can be fastened quickly by means of the eccentric tool holder.

The CNC control system with intuitive programming in Russian (selection of another language is possible).

  • The memory can store up to 55 sequences with 9 working positions in each.
  • Search programs by given criteria.
  • Bending parameters are shown on the display.
  • The repeatability accuracy when positioning the puncheon ± 0.05 mm.
Bending: strips at an angle up to 30°; max. cross section - 16x200 mm
Bending: strips with a small distance between bends
Cutting: strips; max. 6x150 mm cross section
Bending: tubes and rods at an angle up to 90°; max. tube diameter - 60.3 mm (or 2”)
Bending: tubes and beams
Bending: strips edgewise, max.  cross section - 20x60 mm 
Bending: tubes and rods at an angle up to 180°, max. tube diameter - 50 mm
Bending: narrow profiles; max. cross section – 200x5 mm.
Bending: strips with a small distance between bends, max. cross section – 8x200 mm
Bending: strips of increased width; max. cross section - 3x400 mm
Bending: strips with a regular tool, max.  cross section – 15x200 mm

Bending: tubes, bars and strips at an angle up to 180°; max. diameter - 50 mm; max. cross section 12x100


Punching: holes with a diameter up to 30 mm in a strip with thickness up to 12 mm
Bending: soft and painted materials; max. cross section – 200x30 mm
Components and options

Basic equipment

Horizontal bending press Digibend. Depending on the selected sets:

  • Manual or automatic back gauge according to the selected set.
  • Pedal for remote control.
  • A set of keys.
  • Operating manual in Russian.
  • The full oil charge.


Hardened and tempered bending matrix 88°. four brook matrix V16-22-35-50, H=200 mm

Matrix (V63, V80, V100, V125, V160), H=200 mm

U-shaped matrix for bending an angle 30°

Matrix with movable jaws (V35, V50, V80, V125), H=120 mm


The device for cutting strips, H=150 mm, max. thickness 12 mm 

Device for punching holes Digibend 400 и 800, H=100 mm, punches and dies type GEKA, ø30 max. (to install the device on the machine you will need to purchase a finger-holder Z#BPT034 or reinforced toolholder TB#72BE-01)

Device for straightening beams for Digibend 800, H=200 mm, width – 1200 mm, complete with punch (to set the machine must purchase fingers Z#BPT033 and Z#BPT034)

The device for bending of bars and tubes with 2 sponges, max. diameter – ø60 mm, max. bending angle - 90°, finger for fixing templates included

Template for bending R=3ø (ø3/8” – 17,2 mm, ø1/2” – 21,3 mm, ø3/4” – 26,9 mm, ø1” – 33,7 mm, ø1 1/4” – 42,4 mm, ø1 1/2” – 48,3 mm, ø2” – 60,3 mm)

Set of flanges for bending on edge with 4 thick rings 4-5-6-8 mm and finger

The device for bending of bars and tubes with 4 jaws, max. diameter – ø60 mm, max. bending angle - 180°, finger for fixing templates included

Device for the rotary tube bending for Digibend 800, max. diameter – ø42,4 mm

The template for the rotary bending device (ø3/8” – 17,2 mm – R53,5 mm, ø1/2” – 21,3 mm – R59 mm, ø3/4” – 26,9 mm – R78 mm, ø1” – 33,7 mm – R100 mm, ø1 1/4” – 42,4 mm – R157 mm)

Bending punches

Finger-punch Ø80, H=220 mm, angle - 90°, R5

Finger Z#BPT034 complete with 3 interchangeable dies R1,5, R5, R10, H=220 mm

Finger-punch Ø80, H=200mm, angle - 30°, R3, L=80mm

Finger-punch Ø50, H=220mm, angle - 90°, L=30mm 

Finger-punch Ø50, H=220mm, angle - 90°, L=50mm 

Adapter for fingers Ø50 (Z#BPT035 and Z#BPT036)

Set to prevent bending punch for Digibend 800, l=1080 mm, suitable for all punches finger height H=220mm

Bending dies

Strengthened (mounted on the ear 2 fingers) holder for interchangeable punches with 3 punches (R3,R6,R10) – only 800 Digibend

Fixed onto the hydraulic cylinder holder interchangeable punch complete with interchangeable punch R3

Bending H=400

Set for bending strips of width 400 mm: Finger-holder for interchangeable punches H = 400 mm; interchangeable punch, H = 400 mm, R3; matrix holder, H=380 mm

The rear stops

Backgauge controlled CNC - 1250 mm

Backgauge controlled CNC - 2000 mm

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