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Hydraulic press brakes CAP-37320

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Maximal bending pressure (blankholder), kN 3200
Working length, mm 3700
Distance between racks, mm 3200
Throat, mm 510
Maximal traverse travel, mm 315
Traverse descending speed, mm/s 90
Bending speed, mm/s 9
Reverse speed, mm/s 90
Distance between table and traverse, mm 535
General drive power, kW 30
X travel (standard support), mm 750
X speed (standard support), mm/s 250
R travel (standard support), mm 200
R speed (standard support), mm/s 100
Approximate machine mass, kg 18000
Length, mm 4600
Width, mm 2250
Height, mm 3200
Design features

Standard features

  • Cybelec Touch 8 Colored Touchscreen Control Unit.
  • X Axis Back Gauge with Servo Motor & Drives.
  • Including 2 pcs Back Gauge Finger Blocks.
  • European Type Top Tool System.
  • European Type Top Tool (110/75deg/h66 mm or 110/75geg/h105 mm).
  • European Type Bottom Tool 4V H:60x60mm.
  • Bottom Narrow Table.
  • Sliding Front Support Arms (2 pcs).
  • Foot Pedal with Emergency Stop Button.
  • Lightning.
  • Back Light Curtains.
  • Front Laser Safety System.

Optional features

  • CNC Control Unit Options.
  • X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2, X5, X6 Bacgkauge Axis Options.
  • Bottom Table options.
  • Front Laser Safety System.
  • Hilalsan Type Multi V Bottom Tool Options.
  • WILA Type Top Tool Hydraulic Clamping System.
  • WILA Type Bottom Tool Hydraulic Clamping System.
  • Top and Bottom Tool Options.
  • Oil Heaters.
  • Oil Fan Cooler.
  • Manual Central Lubrication.
  • Motorized Central Lubrication.
  • Stand Type Foot Pedal.
  • Special Full-sized housing (machines for 3 to 4 meters).
  • Motorized Crowning.

CNC Systems

  • DELEM DA58T 2D.
  • DELEM DA69T 3D.


Manual or CNC Controlled Crowning system

Advantages of crowning to achieve a constant angle. A press brake’s bending precision is eff ected by the deviations of the upper and lower table as well as other factors. Press brakes deviate from the opposite direction. In fact, penetration of the force obtained into the tool is not constant and the angle is not the same over the length of the machine. Independent right and left axes (Y1 and Y2) are controlled by proportional valves and linear position control system. The crowning system distributes the bending force equally to each point of the bending part to ensure correct bending results.

WILA Type Tool Clamping System

WILA Type Bottom and Top Tool Hydraulic Clamping System.

Mitsubishi Servo Motors and Drivers

The movement of the backgauge is operated by the CNC control unit in hydraulic press brakes. The high performance servo motors produced by Mitsubishi move the bearing axes. Precision parts are produced by these motors. The electrical circuit components used are Siemens, Telemecanique and Schneider brand products.

Backgauge systems

Hilalsan design features a special, powerful and precise backgauge system that works on REXROTH brand linear guideways at side counters and large-sized ball screws:

  • X-R-Z1-Z2-X5-X6 BACKGAUGE.

The special design has very strong construction due to its strong mechanical structure and can withstand large loads. The backgauge finger blocks move on top of the double-rail and aluminum-plated top profile. These backgauge finger blocks are very sensitive and can be adjusted from any point.

Laser finger protection

Easily adjustable front Laser finger protection with linear guideways and GIVI Magnescale.

REXROTH Hydraulic System

  • REXROTH Hydraulic Block.
  • REXROTH Pre-caharge Valve.
  • REXROTH Hydraulic Pump.
  • REXROTH Pressure and Air Filters.
  • Modular Hydraulic Tank.

Lubrication Systems

Manual or Motorized Central Lubrication.

The top plate connections

The top plate connections are mounted with double springs as well as spherical connection to the cylinders with double safety. The parallelism with the top plate can be adjusted more precisely and the proportional valves can work synchronously with each other.

Machining of the frame

The press brake bodies machined in 5 Axis CNC machines are able to make more precise bendings and to reduce the friction coefficients to minimum level.

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