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Electric press brakes FX bend 850

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Maximal bending pressure (blankholder), kN 200
Working length, mm 850
Distance between racks, mm 860
Traverse descending speed, mm/s 200
Bending speed, mm/s 10
Reverse speed, mm/s 200
General drive power, kW 5,2
Approximate machine mass, kg 2000
Length, mm 1850
Width, mm 1450
Height, mm 1963
Design features

Machine bed

The frame consists of two interconnecting solid blocks made of Meehanite cast iron (minimum ultimate strength of 650 MPa) that are connected by two pairs of high-precision guides.


The traverse is moved via one or two screw gearings, placed under it. It permits pulling, not pushing the traverse that lessens the load and wear of the transmission.


The CNC for FX Bend press brakes is developed based on the Panasonic Toughbook industrial laptop. This laptop has a rugged anti-glare LCD display, a drop shock protected body, its battery life can last up to 9 hours and it has the protection class IP65. The specialized software package includes all necessary functions: graphical programming, a tool library, simulation software, etc.

Press brakes of PA Series are equipped with hydro engine management system. When the press brake is not bending any item (during the changeover, programming, or transportation of parts), the CNC sends a signal to the inverter and the engine speed is reduced. That way, significant energy saving is achieved as well as reduction of the operational noise.

Ergonomic design

FX Bend press brakes have an ergonomic design with niches for the operator's feet. This provides maximum comfort of the operator while working with small parts.

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