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Hydraulic press brakes Adira PM 13530

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Maximal bending pressure (blankholder), kN 1350
Working length, mm 3000
Distance between racks, mm 2250
Throat, mm 400
Traverse descending speed, mm/s 150
Bending speed, mm/s 10
Reverse speed, mm/s 100
General drive power, kW 15
X travel (standard support), mm 625
X speed (standard support), mm/s 350
R travel (standard support), mm 150
R speed (standard support), mm/s 50
Approximate machine mass, kg 7500
Length, mm 4320(PLS)/4060(NCE)
Width, mm 1975(PLS)/1645(NCE)
Height, mm 2955
Design features


The frame of electric press brakes from ADIRA PM series is a whole normalized welded structure. Each frame is reinforced with additional reinforcement ribs and thick sections in critical areas. The special surface treatment technology eliminates corrosion even after ten years of service.
Furthermore, the PM machines use the innovative HEXA-C technology.

Technology Hexa-C 

ADIRA presents a new concept of the C-shaped frame called HEXA-C (patent pending). The new technology provides constant perfect positioning of the traverse relative to the lower beam regardless of the load, because deformations that occur during bending are not transmitted to the guides of the traverse.

Advantages of this technology:

  • Increased accuracy of bending as traverse is not displaced sideways relatively to the lower beam.
  • The machine shows high resistance to curling in cases when the bending does not occur in the middle of the machine.
  • Eliminated need for additional devices to read the deformation of the frame, which reduces the likelihood of breakdowns and reduces the cost of the machine.
  • The throat in the mouth of the frame is still there, which in many cases eases tool installation, bending of boxes and taking out the bent parts.

Powerful backgauge

The backgauge with a CNC controlled X axis is driven by a brushless servo motor equipped with overload protection and precision ballscrews. Both fingers can be manually adjusted in height and along the instrument.

The Adcontrol 10 CNC

Full control of the machine via CNC Adcontrol 10 2D:

  • Convenient programming of parts with graphic visualization;
  • Automatic bending process optimization tool;
  • Automatic calculation of the required bending force;
  • The angle of bending programmed with resolution of 0.001 degree;
  • Bending tool library;
  • The option to implement chosen parameters of correction to all programs.

Hydraulic system

PM press brakes have a traditional for a vertical press hydraulic system: a hydraulic unit and two hydraulic cylinders. The parallelism of the traverse during lifting and lowering, as well as the correct positioning of the traverse is achieved by two controllable servo valves (axes Y1 and Y2). The position of the upper beam is determined by two linear encoders arranged on the frame. Synchronization of the traverse driving cylinders, the accuracy and repeatability of its stop position are guaranteed by effective communication between all electrical and hydraulic components.

Key features:

  • Traverse positioning accuracy does not exceed ± 0.01 mm.
  • Components from established European manufacturers - Rexroth, Hoerbiger.
  • Gear pump of the hydraulic unit with internal gearing ensures quiet and smooth operation of the unit.
  • Long hydraulic cylinders with superfinished working surfaces.
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