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Hybrid press brakes Adira PH 110060

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Maximal bending pressure (blankholder), kN 11000
Working length, mm 6100
Distance between racks, mm 5100
Throat, mm 400
Traverse descending speed, mm/s 100
Bending speed, mm/s 7
Reverse speed, mm/s 80
General drive power, kW 55
Approximate machine mass, kg 92000
Length, mm 6550
Width, mm 2900
Height, mm 4700
Design features


Each machine bed for the PH series is designed using advanced software allowing the basic unit to check the strength and stiffness by finite element method. All machine units are built with a reserve of durability and all machines of the PH series are characterized by high metal consumption.
The bed of very large machines are made of multiple sheets welded together.



The backgauge that has CNC controlled X and R axis is driven by brushless servomotors with overload protection and precision ballscrews. Both fingers can be manually adjusted in height and along the instrument.Backgauge fingers in the PH press brakes are equipped with damping elements to compensate the impacts that may occur when positioning the workpiece using a crane.

Hydraulic system

PH press brakes have a traditional for a vertical press hydraulic system: a hydraulic unit and two hydraulic cylinders. The parallelism of the traverse during lifting and lowering, as well as the correct positioning of the traverse is achieved by two controllable servo valves (axes Y1 and Y2). The position of the upper beam is determined by two linear encoders arranged on the frame. Synchronization of the traverse driving cylinders, the accuracy and repeatability of its stop position are guaranteed by effective communication between all electrical and hydraulic components.

Key features:

  • Traverse positioning accuracy does not exceed ± 0.01 mm.
  • Components from established European manufacturers - Rexroth, Hoerbiger.
  • Gear pump of the hydraulic unit with internal gearing ensures quiet and smooth operation of the unit.
  • Long hydraulic cylinders with superfinished working surfaces.

Full control of the machine via the CNC

  • Convenient programming of parts with graphical visualization.
  • Large touchscreen display.
  • The angle of bending programmed with resolution of 0.01 degree.
  • A simple adjustment of the bottom stop of the traverse during the bending process (resolution of 0.01 mm).
  • Automatic CNC calculation of the required bending force.
  • Automatic calculation of the optimal bending sequence.
  • The option to implement chosen parameters of correction to all programs.
  • Bending tool library.
  • Network map for communication with the press brake on a local network.
  • Russian language interface of the console.
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