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Electric press brakes Adira ВВ-2512

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Maximal bending pressure (blankholder), kN 250
Working length, mm 1200
Distance between racks, mm 1250
Throat, mm 120
Maximal traverse travel, mm 200
Traverse descending speed, mm/s 160
Bending speed, mm/s 10
Reverse speed, mm/s 170
General drive power, kW 7,5
X travel (standard support), mm 625
X speed (standard support), mm/s 600
R travel (standard support), mm 200
R speed (standard support), mm/s 200
Approximate machine mass, kg 3500
Length, mm 2200
Width, mm 1600
Height, mm 2320
Design features


Adira electromechanical press brakes have low power consumption since the motor only works during movement of the traverse (total power consumption is 35% less than that of an identical hydraulic press). Such a proportional consumption is particularly advantageous in the case of individual production which is characterized by frequent changeovers and the operator may be long thinking about the correct blank position before the blank is bent.

The frame of electric press brakes from ADIRA BB series is a whole normalized welded structure. Each frame is reinforced with additional reinforcement ribs and thick sections in critical areas. The special surface treatment technology eliminates corrosion even after ten years of service. Machines with a force of 50 and 100 tons use the innovative HEXA-C technology.
Drive units
Drive units of the Adira electromechanical press brakes consist of servo motors, planetary gears and ballscrews. Due to their design, the brushless servo motor and planetary gear are components of superior reliability. To increase the reliability and durability of the screw drive, Adira press brakes have larger diameter screws than those of their competitors and the screw is fixed on spherical articulated joints, which eliminates the effect of radial loads. This design has proved to be a simple and reliable technical solution for many industrial problems.


The backgauge with a CNC controlled X axis is driven by a brushless servo motor equipped with overload protection and precision ballscrews. Both fingers can be manually adjusted in height and along the instrument.

The Adcontrol 10 CNC

Full control of the machine via CNC Adcontrol 10 2D:

  • Convenient programming of parts with graphic visualization;
  • Automatic bending process optimization tool;
  • Automatic calculation of the required bending force;
  • The angle of bending programmed with resolution of 0.001 degree;
  • Bending tool library;
  • The option to implement chosen parameters of correction to all programs.
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