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Compact automatic panel bender Salvagnini P2lean

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Maximal grinding surface diameter, mm 2495
Maximal thickness, black steel (700Н/mm?), mm 1600
Max. permissible slanting for rotation, mm 2500
Minimal incoming sheet length, mm -
Minimal incoming sheet width, mm -
Maximal incoming sheet length, mm 2180
Maximal bending height, mm 165
Minimal thickness, mm 0.4
Average power consumption, kW 5
Noise level, dB 68
Mass, kg -
Max. steel thickness and bending angle, UTS 410 Н/mm2, mm 3.2 (± 90°) / 2.5 (± 120°) / 2.1 (± 135°)
Max. stainless steel thickness and bending angle, UTS 580 Н/mm2, mm -
Max. aluminum thickness and bending angle, UTS 265 Н/mm2, mm 4.0 (± 120°) / 3.5 (± 135°)
Maximal sheet thickness with enlarged clamp opening, mm 4,0
Max. stainless steel thickness and bending angle, UTS 660 Н/mm2, mm 2.5 (± 90°) / 2.1 (± 120°) / 1.6 (± 135°)
Maximal feeding distance, mm -
Maximal bending pressure (blades), kN -
Design features

Guaranteed precision: no time wasting and only one centering cycle

The heart of the compact panel bending machine P2lean is the press. It is composed of:

  • a solid structure on which the blankholder tool is installed;
  • the bending unit (bladeholder), a C-shaped structure that holds the upper and lower blades, and, if necessary, optional bending tools CLA;
  • the counterblade, which is tightly joined to the press and works with the blankholder to firmly grip the blank while the blades are bending it.

Universal automatic manipulator

Sheets are handled, gripped and rotated by the manipulator, clamp and rotator respectively. The sheet movement throughout the entire processing cycle is both fast and totally automatic. The control and adjustments of the upper clamp movement downwards help to reduce cycle times and control the clamping force. The innovative structure and digital drives of the electric motors of the latest generation mean that sheet clamping and rotation remain constantly precise during the entire useful life of the machine; the continuous rotator on its part guarantees 0.01° angular resolution for higher production flexibility that enables manufacturing of even multi-faceted panels.

Bending: fast, easy, economical

The manipulator moves the metal sheet along the horizontal surface. Installed on the manipulator, the turning device quickly and accurately turns the sheet with its side to be bent towards the press. The upper clamp firmly holds the sheet at a predetermined position. The bending unit makes the required number of bends by means of the bending blades, upwards or downwards, in a quick succession.

A perfect combination of technology, flexibility, performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness

  • The extensive use of high-performance technological solutions has allowed reducing the average consumption down to 5 kW.
  • The exclusive compact design of P2lean allows setting up the machine quickly and significantly reduces the amount of floor space required for its installation. The movable shield provides easy access to the centering area for uploading the blank and extracting the finished panel.
  • The flexibility of production allows manufacturing both batch and mass products due to the upper blankholder tool with the ABA automatic adjustment system.
  • The original design of the bending unit and the exclusive technology ABT (Advanced Bending Technology) provide high quality and repeatability of the finished panels.
  • The machine is easy to use thanks to the CNC from Salvagnini that has an intuitive graphic interface and simple programming that requires no special knowledge of the operator.
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