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Compact electric panel bender Salvagnini P1

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Maximal grinding surface diameter, mm 1575
Maximal thickness, black steel (700Н/mm?), mm 1000
Max. permissible slanting for rotation, mm 1600
Minimal incoming sheet length, mm 230
Minimal incoming sheet width, mm 110
Maximal incoming sheet length, mm 1250
Maximal bending height, mm 127
Minimal thickness, mm 0.4
Average power consumption, kW 3
Noise level, dB 64
Mass, kg 7800
Max. steel thickness and bending angle, UTS 410 Н/mm2, mm 1.6 (± 90°), 1.3 (± 130°)
Max. stainless steel thickness and bending angle, UTS 580 Н/mm2, mm 1.1 (± 120°)
Max. aluminum thickness and bending angle, UTS 265 Н/mm2, mm 1.6 (± 90°), 1.3 (± 130°)
Maximal sheet thickness with enlarged clamp opening, mm 1.6
Max. stainless steel thickness and bending angle, UTS 660 Н/mm2, mm -
Maximal feeding distance, mm -
Maximal bending pressure (blades), kN -
Design features

Innovative kinematics

Travel of the P1 bladeholder is provided by innovative patented bending kinematics that increases its speed and performance ratio: for example, it takes less than 2 seconds to accomplish a bend.

Broadening bending horizons

P1 is featuring the latest achievements in various fields of engineering that significantly expands the range of application of panel bending equipment as an alternative to traditional vertical presses. Traditional bending machines would call for an array of tools and lengthy tooling times. For the same geometric characteristics, a P1 enables producing a greater number of various parts by using only 4 universal bending tools and wasting no time for retooling and set-up.

Designed for the future

The P1 machine is the result of a thorough analysis of an ever-more discerning and economically and environmentally conscious market. This machine has been designed and created by using the most powerful and innovative computing technology to optimize it right down to the very smallest detail: start from its weight to the architecture,  start from precision machining to the support systems and consumption.

AAA machiner

All selected technological solutions have enabled higher energy efficiency and reduction of the negative impact on the environment: the average power consumption is less than 3 kW; it does not create noise and has footprint requirements of less than 8 m².

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