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Robotic bending cells KR60L45

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Useful load, kg 45
Maximal working range, mm 2230
Press force, tons 40-320
Design features

The answer to all production requirements

The configuration of each of the bending cell is developed by experts to choose the most effective solution for the customer.
The basic scope of the cell consists of the press-brake, the six-axis anthropomorphic service robot, the repositioning station, the feeding station and the programming suite.

Control by a single CNC

All devices of the bending cell are controlled by a single CNC unit which allows synchronizing the movements of the robot and the press brake and, consequently, eliminating downtime and increasing productivity. The CNC unit is equipped with an auxiliary power supply that allows the system to shut down properly in the event of unexpected outages of electricity.

Increased productivity

This module is able to achieve levels of performance almost inaccessible to traditional solutions due to the dynamics of electric press brakes and optimal combination of the robot and the additional equipment. The module has a single control unit that provides full synchronization of the movements of the robot and the press which eliminates downtime and optimizes bending.

CAD platform METALStudio

METALStudio represents the CAD platform that the Salvagnini CAM applications draw from. Using a CSG solid modeler, METALStudio automatically unfolds 3D drawings and calculates the bending tolerances for the material used.

TOOLformER module

The Salvagnini TOOLformER module, which has the job of integrating the management of tools, robot gripping device, back-gauge fingers and so on; it also provides a guide for the press-brake setup best suited to the part.

CAMformER module

CAMformER generates the complete program for the production process, regardless of whether or not the robot is to be used. Programming takes place in a single environment, meaning that the user does not need to know how to use a number of different software tools in order to run the press and the robot. The optimal bending sequences, gripping maneuvers and robot trajectories are calculated automatically. The complete job program is then sent to the cell's single controller for execution. 

Ease of use and programming

Depending on the type of production, the operator can choose the programming mode he prefers, teaching and/or offline programming.If necessary, the robot can be switched off.

The robot: the protagonist of automation

Thanks to the service robot and automatic loading/unloading devices, the cell with two levels of automation (process and operation) is a reliable solution for unattended production, even at night. All risks associated with part handling during bending are faced by the robot and not by the operator.

LEAN-A configuration example

Automatic multi-pack loading, carousel unloading.

AUTO configuration example

Loading with Cartesian robot and highly autonomous multi-purpose unloader.

FLEX configuration example

Loading with single-part line feeder and unloading on conveyor belt.

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