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ERW machine for spot and projection welding CEMSA ROOF 450

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Weldability, mm до 3+4
Copper working table dimensions, mm от 1000х2400 до 1500х3000
Air cylinder force, daN 250-1800
Transformer power, KVA 50-150
Design features

Welding machine with one or two welding units

This machine allows doing two welding spots at the same time or in cascaded mode.

One working ROOF machine can replace two machines, which provides:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Smaller production area

Less labor for welding large parts

The operator can manually move the welding unit quickly over the entire working area. It makes the welding of large parts much easier because there is no need to move them during operation.


Refined welding effect

The wide contact surface at which the current is distributed allows achieving good visual quality that is unfeasible with standard spot welding machines. It minimizes time for cleaning and refinement; the product is ready for further assembly and painting after welding.

Sturdy reinforced steel construction

The sturdy reinforced steel construction can withstand significant mechanical and electromagnetic load.

Automated pneumatic cylinder pressure control

The proportional valve enables automatic pressure control in the pneumatic cylinder when the value of the compression force on the electrode changes, which reduces the number of waste.

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We will send you our commercial offer
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