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ERW machines for spot and projection welding ROBOSIDE PS

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Weldability, mm до 3+4
Copper working table dimensions, mm от 800х2400 до 1500х5000
Air cylinder force, daN 250-1800
Transformer power, KVA до 350
Design features

Several working areas

Time saving because the process is organized in several working areas.

Two workstations

The Customer receives two workstations with a TVR rotary table.

High welding speed

Drive system with brushless motors and a sturdy construction provides high welding speed - 50 spots per minute.


Possibility to automate uploading /unloading operations

The machine design allows automating the upload/unload of heavy and large items, for example, by using a crane.

Capability of being integrated into an automatic production line

RIBOSIDE PS welding machine can be integrated into a fully automatic production line.

Components and options



Система водяного охлаждения.

Инструмент для зачистки и заточки электродов.

Инструмент для зачистки поверхности рабочего стола.

Сварочные клещи

Для сварки вертикальных поверхностей.

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We will send you our commercial offer
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