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Horizontal grinding machines for punching tool sharpening LP500/200

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maximal grinding surface height, mm 500
Maximal roll width, mm 200
Maximal grinding surface height (option), mm 200 (250)
Table dimensions 500 х 200
Motor power (at peak), kW 3
Spindle rotation speed, rpm 2840
Machine weight, kg 650
Design features


The machine bed is made of high rigidity thermal-treated steel to provide maximum strength of the structure. The wheelhead is equipped with a specifically designed electrospindle that is dynamically balanced and fixed on precision bearings.

All machines are equipped with: Electro-permanent magnetic chuck with diameter of 300 or 400 mm and a standard electronic control unit; Coolant tank with filter and electric pump; Safe electrical systems with low voltage controls (24 V); Grinding wheel and holder; Conformity declaration and CE marking.

European quality standards

Full compliance with health and safety policy: all Delta grinding machines are designed and manufactured in accordance with quality European directives and have the according CE marking

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