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Horizontal surface grinding machines with rotary table ROTAX 7

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Approximate machine weight, kg 3500
Maximal part diameter for installment on the machine, mm 700
Maximal grinding surface height (option), mm 330 (530)
Rotary table diameter, mm 500
Table rotation speed, rpm 0 ÷ 180
Maximal power consumption, kW 450
Permissible load on table, kg 500
Operating speed range (Y-axis stepless regulation), m/mm 0 ÷ 3
Minimal programmed increment (Z axis), mm 0,001
Spindle speed (at 50 Hz), rpm 1450
Operating speed range (Z-axis stepless regulation), m/mm 0 ÷ 2
Minimal programmed increment (Y axis), mm 0,001
Standard grinding wheel dimensions(outside O /width/inside O), mm 400/50/127
Maximal grinding wheel dimensions (outside O/width/ inside O), mm 400/100/127
Grinding wheel recess dimensions (both sides – O/depth), mm 200/10-40
Design features

Hydrostatics and hydrodynamics

All guiding elements are hydrostatic and their surfaces are perfectly polished. Hydrostatic guide lubrication works based on a closed loop system supplying lubricant under pressure (on the column, the table and the headstock), which ensures that ultra-thin oil film lies between the contacting surfaces of all guiding elements. The absence of direct contact with metal surfaces ensures reliability, excludes wear-out, and as a consequence the original geometric accuracy of the machine is maintained for the entire service life. Minimum friction when sliding – it means to use the full capacity of the machine, high accuracy, no stick-slip at the feed or striction effect, and ensuring smooth positioning, high precision, high surface treatment quality, and high load-bearing capacity.

Three automation levels: NC DIASTEP

NC DIASTEP is designed to facilitate the basic operations of grinding and controls.

Three automation levels: NC COMPACT PLUS

NC COMPACT PLUS with advanced profiling functions can store up to 50 different programs.

Three automation levels: CNC DIATRONIC

CNC DIATRONIC (based on Siemens 840Di) is a full-featured CNC that has a huge set of functions, an image editing program for complex profiles and a possibility of working with CAD systems.

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