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Vertical machining centers with conversational CNC control XP-32

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X-axis movement, mm 813
Y-axis movement, mm 559
Z-axis movement, mm 559
Load carrying capacity of the table at even pressure distribution, kg 1134
Table dimensions 419 x 800
T-shaped slots numb. of /mm 3 / 18
Table height from the floor, mm 762
Motor power (at peak), kW 22
Spindle speed, rpm 12000 (15000)
Spindle torque, Nm 210 при 350 об/мин
Cone type ВТ40
Distance from spindle nose to tabletop (Max – Min), mm 635 - 76
Distance from spindle center to column, mm 609
Number of tool positions, pos. 30
Tool changeover time, sec 1,5
Tool changeover time chip-to-chip, sec 80
Maximal sheet dimensions (X x Y coordinates), mm x mm 145
Maximal workpiece weight with support, kg 7
Maximal bending length, mm 330
Positioning precision, mm +/-0,005
Repeatability, mm +/-0,0025
Rapid traverse, m/min 50
Work feeding speed, mm/min 0,025 - 23
Drive type Цифровой бесщеточный
Pressure on axis (at peak), kg 19,6
Air connection 8 бар - 90 л/мин
Coolant tank, l 340
Coolant flow, l/min 33
Door opening width, mm 889
Connection requirements 80А / 380-430В переменный ток 3 фазы
Transportation mode dimensions, mm 2363 x 2185 x 1930
Operating mode dimensions, mm 2363 x 2185 x 2260
Machine weight, kg 4763
Design features

The cast frame

The high rigidity of the machine is achieved through a cast 45° inclined frame made of the patented material MEEHANITE strength of which is 2 times superior to gray iron.

Modern CNC system from FANUC

Standard CNC Fanuc 0I and optional CNC Fanuc 31I AI NANO with a nanosmoothing function and fast block processing, as well as pre-reading CNC blocks in advance allow maximizing the performance of the high-speed processing technology.

Roller type linear ways

High-tech brushless electric motors

  • Brushless alternating current servomotors
  • Rare-earth magnets provide higher torque.
  • DriveClic high-resolution sensors.
  • Totally sensor controlled – no access to reference positions needed.
  • High-tech cables from Siemens.

Systematic testing of mechanics

  • Test run time – 100 hours
  • Measurements and temperature changes are recorded also during the night-time work
  • More than 89 different inspections for mechanics
  • Precision granite surface plates and indicators are calibrated annually
  • Full cooling system check
  • Each bolt is tightened to its specification and marked
  • Customary process upgrades

Full electronic quality control of each machine

  • Laser calibration of all 3 axes by Renishaw.
  • Renishaw Ballbar system tests.
  • Electronic balancing of all rotating components.

Precision and performance quality control

  • A sample part Circle Diamond Square cutting test.
  • Exact sample part measurements made after the test.
  • Full test report given after checking the sample part.

International quality certificate delivered with every machine

  • Laser calibration report
  • Ballbar test calibration report
  • Circle Diamond Square Test sample
  • Quality certificate assigned by Manufacturer, Chief Inspector, and Electric Engineer
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