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Hydraulic guillotine shear with a swing-beam GH 00420

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Maximal thickness, steel (450 Н/mm2), mm 4
Maximal thickness, stainless steel (700 Н/mm2), mm 2,5
Cutting length, mm 2050
Throat, mm 260
Blade angle, degrees 11/6
Gap adjustment between blades, mm 0,05-0,6
Tailstock travel, mm 1000
Number of sheet holding clamps, pcs 9
General motor power, kW 9
Number of cuts per minute, pcs 45
Length, mm 2950
Width, mm 2480
Height, mm 1730
Approximate machine mass, kg 5000
Design features

Powerful frame

A powerful whole welded frame and a whole welded swing-beam.

CNC CybTouch 6

The machine is controlled via CNC CybTouch 6 with a color touch screen. The console has a magnet with which it can be installed anywhere at the machine for the convenience of the operator. An optional console can be mounted on a stand. The intuitive menu and the available quick set-ups allow fast programming of the machine. The CNC unit allows storing programs in the memory, each program containing a predetermined number of cuts. For each program, it is possible to specify the position of the backgauge, the cutting length and the number of cuts at each position of the backgauge, as well as to manage the sheet supports. The clearance between the blades is set automatically according to the selected material.

Shear table with ball transfers

Shear table with ball transfers facilitates the transportation of heavy sheets.

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