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Coordinate punch presses STX Flex 12 hybrid 1250/30-2500

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Maximal breaking pressure, kN 300
Thickness range (plain carbon steel), mm 0,6 - 6,5
Installed capacity, kW 8,5
Y-axis multi-tool travel, mm 1300
Y-axis single-tool travel, mm 1250
Positioning precision, mm +/- 0,05
Maximal number of cuts per minute with a distance of 1 mm 460
Maximal number of cuts per minute when marking, cuts/min 1080
Dimensions, mm 4840 x 3630
Standard clamp opening, mm 11
Approximate weight, kg 8500
X axis, mm 2500
Maximal tool weight, kg 180
Automatic X repositioning, mm up to 10000
Average power consumption, kW 4,5
Numeric control of stroke depth, mm 0,1 - 31
Servomotor hydraulics control Standard
D-Station Autoindex with rotation in both directions, pcs 3
Automatically positioned clamps 2
Maximal number of tools in tool magazine, pcs 2000
Design features


The universal tool mounting stations can operate a single tool or a multi-tool system of 21, 29, or 43 tools that allows the usage of each station for various tasks such increasing the flexibility of the machine.

Upgraded and strengthened frame

The upgraded and strengthened frame has become even more rigid, which ensures especial synchronism of tool axes.

Up-forming System

The 6 B stations of the MTX FLEX 12 feature retractable dies for more forming flexibility. Usually the standard thick turret tooling forming tools have an “active” die that requires special attention to setup. All additional 6 B-stations of the MTX FLEX 12  can be raised up to 6 mm only when the tool is actually employed and lowered when it is passive eliminating any restriction.

FLEX Hybrid System

Which one is better – Electrical or Hydraulic? Why don’t get the best of both systems? Our unique Hybrid System which we call Flex (two patents pending) has the power of the hydraulics combined with the precision of the electronic control. Low power requirement of only 8.5 kW and averaging only 4.5 kW while punching. Besides being able to set the length of up and down stroke, the FLEX System for each tool lets you set:

  • Hit rate from 10 to 2000 Hits/min
  • Acceleration/deceleration of ram movement
  • Dwell time 

Thanks to the FLEX System, any Euromac owner now commands unlimited forming capabilities as well as the tools to process any application for any task in a fast, reliable and cost efficient manner.

Innovative Autoindex system

This technology improves productivity while reducing cost (patented). The unique direct drive tool rotation in the Euromac Autoindex stations reduces mechanical components resulting in significantly increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Index stations are capable to rotate (i.e. index) with single tools or Multitools XMTE 4, XMTE XMTE 6 and 10.

Control via TopPunch

CNC is based on the Windows operating system and has a Russian language interface which makes it intuitive and easy to understand for the programming operator that way also reducing the programming time.

Automatic Load/Unload System

The compact and reliable design featuring Euromac Automatic Load/Unload System fits on all Euromac machines and it can be shipped fully assembled so that the installation at the customer site is made fast and easy.

  • Radically increases productivity.
  • Capable of handling workpieces of different size.
  • Prevents uploading sheets that have stuck together.
  • Easy and quick control of the system from the main console.
  • Small floor space requirements.
  • The manual loading mode is available.
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