Robur International

Software for sheet metal fabricating

  • Material: Sheet metal.
  • Usage: Software programming for cutting machines with laser, gas, plasma, and water-jet as well as for bending machines, coordinate punch presses, pipe cutters, 5-axis machines, and combined punching/laser cutting centers with CNC.
RADAN is a complete software product set for sheet metal fabrication
One of the most important objectives in the world of sheet metal fabricating is better material utilization. RADAN software product set will help you to reduce inventory significantly giving you maximal return on your investment.
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Developed specifically for sheet metal
Wide range of manufacturing operations
Automatic nesting
Maximal utilization of cut-offs and remnants
  • Material: Sheet metal.
  • Usage: CAD/CAM solutions for numeric control program generation in support of coordinate punch presses with CNC, adapted Italian machines from EUROMAC equipped with TopPunch system unit.
ROBURCAM is the NC program for coordinate punch presses from EUROMAC
RoburCAM is specifically tailored for sheet metal fabrication and it has all the most popular functions and features that similar top-level software solutions have.
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Affordable price
Intuitive and user friendly interface
A simple transfer method of one or multiple machine parameters into a program
Ability to generate NC code for unlimited number of machines from a single workstation
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